Instagram's Future

Instagram's Future: Why Video is the Key
to Success and How to Prepare

Instagram content has undergone an astonishing transformation, leading to a massive conflict between
Instagram content creators. There is a civil war going on on Instagram.

One group says that videos are helpful, but posts are ESSENTIAL for growth. In contrast, the other group says that creating visual content for social media is the only way to achieve significant results and that traditional posting is less effective.

So, let’s dive into this topic and clarify the whole thing once and for all.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2023

Engagement is a key component of building an Instagram community. Our 11 engagement-boosting tactics cover everything from memes to giveaways - so your metrics will soar!

1. Focus On Short-Form Videos on Instagram

It's the perfect time to start using short-form video if your business has traditionally used long-form video or IGTV extensively. Instead of producing elaborate 5- or 10-minute videos, experiment with entertaining content that works well with reels.

What is the best way to translate a long-form video into a short-form video? Using a single reel might be a good option for simple narratives. Consider creating episodes or series that tell a story in parts. Need some inspiration? Scroll through trending content in the Instagram app by tapping the Reels icon.

Below is a reel from @weaveystudio that combines a behind-the-scenes video and a step-by-step crafting tutorial.

@weaveystudio's reel is one of a series of reverse unboxing videos that show a glimpse of the company's products.

Shoppable products are also featured on this reel, which can be purchased seamlessly through the creator's online store.

2. Engage With Your Audience Through Instagram Stories

Well, let's take a look at Instagram reels first. They are considered the best Instagram video tips and tricks. There is a simple reason why reels are so crucial for growth and sales.

Organic reach is massive for them. Most reel types can be used without being attached to them...

Regardless of your circumstances, you can leverage reels.

Using them is a good idea, as they are powerful.

Polls, questions, quizzes, and other quick and easy stickers can be added to stories.

This feature lets you directly converse with your followers - ask them questions or open the floor.

How should you proceed? Host an AMA (ask me anything) video for social media marketing. However, AMA suits best with images too.

After you've collected all of the questions, remember to answer them in your stories.

When a follower interacts with a sticker, it counts as engagement! Why not add a sticker to your next Instagram Story? But make sure to put a small video in that story, not the picture.

Every once in a while, you must show your face as a brand. Followers want to know that you're more than a logo.

3. Jump On Trends

Reels focus on fun, entertaining videos based on trending content. With dance challenges to audio clips, joining trends can help your brand maximize visibility and get more people to see your reels.

Even though you can plan and produce much of your video content in advance, you should leave room in your calendar for on-trend content.

Instagram makes finding trends relatively quick and easy.

You can see what's trending now by tapping the Reels icon and scrolling through the content or looking for suggestions like those below.

You can scroll through top reels to see how they utilize suggested features or tap to save or use trending audio clips and effects.

4. Conventional IGTV Approach

IGTV is another type of video that you can create. You can repost those videos on other platforms, such as YouTube. They are as long as 59:99.

In IGTV videos, you can interact with your audience more engagingly than just dancing in front of a camera; in their descriptions, you can include links.

Their sales are freaking awesome as a result!

Post a webinar on IGTV and link in the description to the webinar funnel landing page, and watch the sales roll in!

You can make a lot of money with it!

Due to the low organic reach, there is little competition as almost no one uses it.

Therefore, please use IGTV as soon as possible!

5. Collaborate With Others to Expand Audiences

Use Instagram's new collaboration tools to increase the visibility of your video content. Use it by tapping the Tag People button, selecting Invite Collaborator, and searching for a collaborator.

What makes this tool so great? A collaborator's content posts on both creators' accounts when invited to a reel, which can significantly improve visibility.

Both accounts are featured as creators when a collaborator accepts an invitation. Therefore, this tool can help your organization maximize user engagement with Instagram video

6. Publish Instagram Videos at The Right Span

The favorites could be a great way to improve your video metrics and achieve your marketing goals.

However, there are other ways to get more views. Instagram has also teased a chronological feed, displaying content in chronological order. Toward the end of 2022, all three options-chronological, favorites, and home-will be available.

It's more important than ever to publish short-form video content at the right time for your audience to maximize the chronological feed.

Use Instagram Insights to determine the best time to post.

Creating Visual Content for Instagram

As the common crow loves shiny things, social media users love good visual content.

A post on social media usually engages our sense of sight first. With so much content available, brands need to stand out visually. Here are some Instagram video tips and tricks for an intelligent visual content strategy.

1. Your Brand Should Have a Colour Palette

By choosing (and sticking to) a specific color palette or mood for your brand, you make your feed look beautiful and make your posts instantly recognizable to your followers. Establish recognizable, eye-catching visual content from the beginning of your social media style guide.

2. Make Your Video Thumbnails Stand Out

Your video thumbnail (or "cover image") will be the first frame of the video when you post it on social media. However, the first frame of your video might not be the most exciting.

Select an image that most visually appeals to you or conveys the most information when posting videos (on IG Reels, TikTok, Youtube, etc.). Thumbnails are indeed a perfect solution that helps maximize user engagement with Instagram video.

3. Your Visual Content Should Include Text...

You can still use visual content in marketing even if your industry is primarily text-based. Magazines have mastered the integration of text: the primary purpose is to showcase the story (text-based) while using visuals to promote it.

It's not easy on the eyes to read text, but it can be a great way to convey information. It is possible for viewers to become overwhelmed by too much text. The text should be kept to a minimum when adding to visual content.

4. Take High-Quality Videos

That's obvious, right? To create a video for social media marketing, you won't want to post blurry infographics or out-of-focus videos (unless it's part of your brand).

Videos of high quality are pleasant to look at, and they also help showcase your brand and sometimes its impact.

Wrapping Up!

The Meta-owned photo-sharing company is experimenting with full-screen video and photo experiences, which some users are already experiencing.

The video change is part of Instagram's efforts to stay relevant to how people consume and share content. To summarize this debate, Instagram will continue supporting photo content while integrating more videos into the app.

If you're a content creator or a business owner with a lot of investment in your Instagram account, you must apply every piece of advice listed above.

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